About Us

In Aeromar Logistics Center S.A. we are dedicated to the custody and management of tax inventories. We have experience in the storage of all types of merchandise such as raw materials, finished products, spare parts, perishables, etc.

Our facilities are governed by strict security policies, computer systems for inventory management in real time and we operate under the protection of all the parameters of law established by the General Directorate of Customs; what allows us to guarantee our clients that their merchandise will always be safeguarded in the best way.

We have the services of ready, armed with offers, management and distribution.

We have 10,000 storage positions.

Our WMS and equipment are operated under radio frequency, which makes us a logistics operator with rates of profitability and world-class accuracy.


  • Fiscal storage.
  • Inventory Management, Re-packaging and distribution of products.
  • Use of WMS with online inventories,
  • 24/7 security and monitoring service.