You must submit the DUA and a letter of authorization from the customs agent or owner of the goods.

The consignee of the goods must present the original bill of lading. You should then follow the appropriate procedure in the customs office, cancel the taxes on the Bank of Costa Rica, submit proof to the customs office to give authorization to lift and finally generates the document for withdrawal of merchandise.

The tourist must present the movement of income to the tax warehouse, photocopy of the seal of the last entry, photocopy of passport (photo), photocopy of the vehicle's title, present the vehicle's plates, cancel INS insurance, and submit all to the customs office.

The national legislation which allows the permanence of merchandise on board a container is based on DGA-198-2009.

The electronic label procedure has been established in the RES-DGA-122-2010 and Customs Procedures Manual - Customs Transit Procedure Chapter XIII and XIV

The electronic label is a physical security device that is placed in the containers under customs supervision so as to ensure the integrity of cargo by registration of all closures and openings to experience the container and allows the location in time Real during his tour, with the help of a monitoring system.

You need the commercial invoice, bill of lading, export declaration when the goods exceeds $ 2000 of the customs value.

The procedure for an export is as follows: Register as exporter in PROCOMER (registration must be renewed every year), submit invoice and bill of lading to the customs agent, if the goods are subject to NTMs present the respective permits.

Aeromar has a monitoring center with the latest technology, which allows monitoring of loading and unloading of goods in real time, and also ensuring lasbodegas and all facilities 24/7.

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